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Grazina Bogdanskiene Vaisingumo centras’ laboratory was established in accordance with the British standards and began providing its services since January 7, 1997. All researches, observations and procedures are performed in the modern Vaisingumo centras’ Artificial Insemination Laboratory under the supervision of qualified professionals. The clinic is accredited to provide gynecology and artificial insemination services in Lithuania.

To successfully and responsibly provide infertility treatment services beginning from consulting and ending with giving birth to a healthy baby.

We will strive to make infertility treatment available for each couple that needs it.

For already 15 years we have successfully been applying patient examination and treatment patterns that meet Western European standards. The qualification of our specialists meets the competencies of Western Europe - center specialists constantly improve their qualification in famous foreign Fertility and Artificial Insemination clinics: in Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Greece, Italy, United States, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Sweden and Germany.

The eminent British artificial insemination specialist prof. Gediminas Grudzinskas, who is one of the initiators of artificial insemination in Europe, consults patients in extreme cases.

In 2012, it was 15 years since general ideas and values have been united in Vaisingumo centras which is headed by doc. Grazina Bogdanskiene.

This year the anniversary date coincided with the Lithuanian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (in Lith. LAGD) Infertility Section conference called “Infertility Treatment Overview and Innovations” chaired by doc. Bogdanskiene.

Infertility Section Chairwoman and fertility center Vaisingumo centras experts summed up 15 years of practice of the clinic, provided relevant knowledge and innovations to the public trying not only to reduce the size of the problem in the country, but also to respond to questions that couples facing infertility dare not ask in public since the issues are related to assisted and artificial insemination.

During 15 years of our business activity over 3,000 children have been born with the help of our specialists. This year the first twins in the country who have been born after Artificial Insemination celebrate their 18th birthday. In 2000 the first micromanipulation IVF procedure of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection into the egg (ICSI) was performed. During 10 years there were 112 procedures performed, 72 of which were diagnostic and 40 - therapeutic. This procedure was the only way to have children for couples facing infertility. To solve infertility problems there are the latest procedures are being performed in the center, such as vitrification (rapid embryo and egg freezing method that allows to keep them for a long time), PICSI (physiologically selected spermatozoon Intracytoplasmic injection, when only mature and able to perform its physiological function spermatozoons are selected for ICSI procedure), creation of a special medium using the so-called "embryo glue" that will improve embryo implantation.

The Center Director regrets that specialists can not use the accumulated experience and achievements to help all the couples who need help. Not diagnostic or therapeutic measures limitations determine that situation, but the law on Assisted Reproduction Technology and, as a consequence, absence of compensation for it from the state budget.

Vaisingumo centras is actively involved in public activities in the name of this day’s still pending laws, regulations and support for artificial insemination and assisted reproduction. Therefore, summarizing 15 year experience and qualification, the Center Director noted that the immediate plans for the future - to increase efficiencies which would enact laws enabling doctors to apply their qualification and experience to all the couples who need help.


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