As a fertility clinic, Gražinos Bogdanskienės Fertility Center provides multiple gynecology services in order to alleviate your fertility and gynecological issues. We offer several services to assist your condition, such as infertility examination and treatment using artificial reproductive technology (ART procedures) for couples who are unable to conceive a child.

For patients who are suffering from or suspect that they could possibly carry a sexually transmitted disease (STD), we also offer our knowledge and services in early sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment.

We also offer consulting in topics surrounding contraceptics and contraceptive medicine. If a patient is in need of contraceptive medication and help, Gražinos Bogdanskienės Fertility Center can provide their knowledge and experience in these topics.

If the patients are suffering from menopause or menopausal symptoms, we are here to help. We offer consulting, treatment and care for elderly menopausal patients, in order to alleviate the difficulties caused by this new change of life.



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