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Modern medicine has found a way to turn the fertility clock backwards. By using the patient’s own bodily resources, ovarian rejuvenation procedure allows the patient to achieve pregnancy via natural means. The key component is the patient’s own platelet-rich blood plasma (PRP).

According to data collected by World Health Organization (WHO), every 5th couple might require fertility-related medical assistance.

These days infertility can be treated just like any other disease. Now we know that the female partner is not always the sole culprit of fertility problems, and that the cause can be from either male, female, or both partners respectively. As the general statistics go, both male and female partners account for 35% cases of infertility each, 20% can be accounted for fertility problems in both partners together, and the leftover 10% of cases cannot be explained.

New Fertility Center offers to the infertile couple the whole complex of services – from doctor’s consultancy to medical care during pregnancy. The new location of modern Fertility Center is J. Balčikonio g. 3-280, Vilnius.
Everything we do is dedicated to successful fertility treatment

Anti-testicles, anti-sperm, anti- ovaries and anti- placenta antibodies. This analysis are  carried out with   EUROIMMUN reagents method (Germany).  Determining autoantibodies (IgA, IgG, IgM).


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