Assisted Fertilization Procedure and Contributing Factors

According to data collected by World Health Organization (WHO), every 5th couple might require fertility-related medical assistance.

Although there are various infertility treatments, not all of them can be viable in any given situation. For example, if none work, or if there’s a significant possibilty to transfer a genetically-carried disease, an assisted fertilization procedure might be performed. Although this procedure is not foolproof, there are multiple factors that can contribute to its success.

Variables such as physical condition and mindset can both contribute to the procedure’s success. Medics agree that stress and tension can negatively affect patient’s health. In some cases of infertility, conception happened when the couple started paying more attention to rest, relaxation and stress management, like going on a vacation. No other medical help was required. Several other factors include general health, past diseases, medical conditions and both spermatozoa and ova quality. These cells lose some of their quality with age, so the younger the couple, the better. Female patient’s weight is relevant too, so weight loss is recommended.

One thing that should not be overlooked is mental health. In many occassions infertility problems continue for multiple years or a decade, and if all other treatments were unsucceful, the couple might feel hopeless or in despair. This constant feeling of getting hope and then being it taken away leads to a repeated feeling of emotional loss, which can in due time develop into a serious depression. With each and every failed attempt, self-worth diminishes more and more. This, along with the treatment process, can lead to immense stress and emotional exhaustion. It is crucial to remember, that infertility is not only a female issue. Both males and females can encounter these problems, so being emotionally close and supportive to your partner is extremely important.

The doctor’s experience and qualifications are crucial for assisted fertilization procedure. Although modern technology can do a lot, it can not perform the procedure by itself. That’s where the doctors come in. Picking out appropriate medication, dosing and working the required laboratory gear is the doctors’ and specialists’ responsibility.

Low quality sperm can also be one of the reasons for infertility. Male patient who is interested in the quality of his sperm should try out a spermogram test. Spermogram test shows the exact amount of sperm, their motility and form. But it can not show everything. In some cases the spermogram reveals that the sperm is completely healthy, yet the couple still cannot conceive. All things considered, the male partner should also prepare for conception, including performing various health tests and taking prescribed supplements for sperm health.



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