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Mini-IVF or “minimal stimulation IVF,” is also referred to as “mild stimulation IVF” or “gentle stimulation IVF.”

“It’s very similar to IVF but you’re not stimulating the ovaries too much with high doses of medication,” Merhi said. There isn’t data available on the number of U.S. clinics that offer mini-IVF, in 2014, there were 143 Society for Assistive Reproductive Technology (SART)-member clinics that submitted data about their use of the treatment. Proponents of mini-IVF say it’s an option for some women who may respond better to lower doses of medication and the quality of the eggs and the embryos might even be better.

From this September, first three days of embryo cultivation is free, and blastocyst cultivation is 30% cheaper. Blastocyst is a fertilized, 5 to 6 days old embryo, which is possible to be cultivated in a lab. In many cases, embryos are being cultivated for two to three days. Two days old embryo consists of 4 cells, three days old is made out of 8 cells.

Our doctor Rimantas Gricius and biologist Vaida Simanaviciene took part in the 31st ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) Conference in Lisbon in on 14th to 17th of July, where they updated their knowledge on the latest infertility treatment methods and perfect conditions for embryo development.

Our new Fertility Center offers a variety of services to infertile couples, such as consulting and medical care during pregnancy. We relocated to a brand new Fertility Center on J. Balčikonio g. 3-280, Vilnius. As per our mission, everything we do is dedicated to successful fertility treatment.

Anti-testicles, anti-sperm, anti- ovaries and anti- placenta antibodies. This analysis are  carried out with   EUROIMMUN reagents method (Germany).  Determining autoantibodies (IgA, IgG, IgM).


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