About Us

Gražinos Bogdanskienės Fertility Center is one of most advanced treatment centers in Baltic countries for both male and female infertility.

Gražinos Bogdanskienės Fertility Center was established in accordance to the HFEA regulations used in Great Britain and began providing its services since January 7, 1997. All of our research observations and procedures are performed in the up-to-date Fertility Artificial Insemination Laboratory under the supervision of qualified professionals. The clinic is accredited to provide gynecology, urology, artificial insemination and ovarian rejuvenation services in Lithuania.

Our Mission

To successfully and responsibly provide fertility treatment services, from consulting to assisting in giving birth to a healthy child.

Our Vision

We shall strive to make fertility treatment available for each couple that requires it.

For 23 years we have successfully been applying examination and treatment procedures that are up-to-date to Western Europe standards. Our specialists constantly improve their knowledge and qualifications in well-known foreign fertility clinics in various countries, such as Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Greece, Italy, United States, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Sweden and Germany. In 2020, it has been 23 years since the general ideas and values have been united under our Fertility Center banner headed by Dr. Grazina Bogdanskiene.

During the 23 years of our business activity over 4,000 children have been born with the help of our team. In 2000 the first micromanipulation IVF procedure of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection into the egg (ICSI) was performed.

Besides that, the latest procedures are being performed in our center, such as vitrification (rapid embryo and egg freezing method that allows to keep them for a long time), PICSI (physiologically selected spermatozoon Intracytoplasmic injection), creation of a special medium using the so-called "embryo glue" that will improve embryo implantation rate, PRP Injection Therapy and MiOXSYS evaluation tests.



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