Here at Gražinos Bogdanskienės Fertility Center we offer to share our knowledge regarding various urological issues and are willing to provide treatment to male fertility problems.

Semen Sample Production

In order to perform the proper urology tests, the patient's semen sample is required. For the analysis to take place immediately after the semen production, the semen samples should be produced via masturbation on location at the Fertility Center. However, if the patient feels that they are unable to produce a sample on-site, alternative arrangements can be discussed. To ensure the optimum semen sample, both in numbers and quality, it is crucial for the patient to make sure to not ejaculate for 3 days straight prior to producing a semen sample for analysis.


The results of the semen analysis should be available within three days after the procedure. After receiving the results, they are discussed with the patient by their consulting doctor. Unfortunately, we do not provide semen test results out over the phone, although a written report may be requested.

The Analysis

Multiple sperm quality factors are to be assessed during the semen analysis. Some of them include the sperm count, which is the number of sperm present within the ejaculate sample; sperm motility, the number of sperm that are moving; the morphology, also known as the number of sperm in healthy size and shape; and the presence of infection.


In some cases, MiOXSYS test is highly recommended. MiOXSYS is an incredibly fast in vitro sperm test used to evaluate oxidative biological damage tissue in sperm. By using electrochemical technology, it allows to measure static oxidation-reduction potential (sORP) parameters in male sperm in millivolts (mV), which in turn allows to quantify the damage level in sperm. MiOXSYS is the most accurate, easiest and quickest oxidative damage level test in the market at the moment.

Multiple studies have confirmed the negative influence of oxidative stress on male fertility. In around 25% to 40% of male infertility cases, the core causes can be due to the damage caused by oxidative stress. Because of that, in order to prescribe the correct treatment, along with the regular sperm parameter testing, it is crucial to evaluate the levels of oxidative damage in the male patient's sperm.

Male Hormone Assessment

In the case of total absence of sperm in the semen, also known as azoospermia, hormone blood tests should be undertaken. These tests will reveal whether the cause is due to a blockage or to a lack of sperm production altogether. In the most severe cases, if testosterone levels are too low, hormone replacement therapy will be advised.

Male Infertility

Several issues exist that could lead to male infertility. However, in the most common cases, male infertility can be attributed to sperm production disorders that affect the quality and the quantity of the sperm, anatomical issues and disorders, and other factors like immunological disorders. Approximately a third of all cases of male infertility can be attributed to a failure of the testes to respond to hormonal stimulation required to trigger sperm production, as well as other immune or endocrine disorders. However, in a great number of cases of male infertility, although it is possible to identify inadequate sperm production (spermatogenesis) and sperm defects, the root origin of these problems remains unexplained.

Possible Follow-up Tests and Procedures

After the semen analysis several potential tests and examinations exist that can be undertaken, depending on the results. These tests can include penis development assessment; careful examination of the testes, including a measurement of their size and texture; penis and testes blood vessel examination, with the patient both in sedentary and horizontal positions; rectal proctate examination to rule out prostate gland inflammation, and, if applicable, examination of previous surgical scars in the groin and scrotal area.



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